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GEORG KÖBEL (1807 – 1894) "Italienische Landschaft" („Italian landscape")

3.9.1807 in Worms – 10.12.1894 in Fürstenfeldbruck, Upper Bavaria 

oil on panel, signed down right and dated „1853“

43,5 x 62 cm

Köbel studied in Dresden and Munich. From 1836 – 1839 he visited Rome, where he was a member of the Ponte Molle Society and joined the style of K. Markós. Since 1840 he lived in Munich and supplied many exhibitions of artistic associations in Munich and Mainz with his landscapes. His motives were situated in Upper Bavaria, the Rhine-Valley and Italy.

Museums:             -     Munich (Schack Galerie): „Die Quelle der Nymphe Egeria bei Rom“,

-         Karlsruher Kunsthalle: „Die Peterskirche in Rom von der Villa Doria Pamfili aus“

-         Baseler Kunstsammlung: „Italienische Landschaft“

  Lit.:                       -    Thieme-Becker, vol. XXI, p. 102

-         F. v. Boetticher, Malerwerke d. 19. Jhd., vol. I/ 2

-         J. Maillinger, Bilder-Chronik München, vol. I/ III

-         A. Maillinger, catalogue of the exhibition “Münchner Malerei unter Ludwig I.”



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